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Top 3 most beautiful beaches in Galápagos

In this time we will let you know the most beautiful and famous beaches of the enchanted islands. First of all, we want you to understand that this top is based on popularity, actividades and international appreciation that these beaches have received, no more to say, here we will show you the 3 most beautiful beaches of the Galapagos Islands.

1.- Gardner bay – Española island

Located on the northern coast of the Española island, the most important attraction of this beach are sea lions sleeping and playing along the bay on the white sand. it was elected in May 2013 by CNN as one of the top 25 best beaches around the world for its flora and fauna. This island must be visited with naturalist guides, the activities in this beah are: hiking, snorkeling, kayaking, diving and panga ride respecting the schedules stipulated by the PNG.

2.- Bartolomé island beach

The Bartolomé island beach is considered one of the most signature Galapágos destiny because of the its beauty; it is divided into north and south beach. In the northern beach is located a small port for landing and most of the year the water is gentle which is perfect for snorkeling; it is always surrounded by sea lions, colorful fish and penguins. In the south beach is accessed by a path that connects these two beaches, in here is not allowed to swim. Its main attractive is the pinnacle rock, it  is a huge lava formation that eroded over time. Bartolomé beach was nominated in 2013 as best beach destination in the world travel awards.

3.- Carola beach – San Cristóbal 

Located in the north-east of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno town in San Cristobal Island, this beach is popular worldwide for surfers because of the quick and strong tubular characteristics of the waves, to get to this beach you have to take a path that is connected to “las tijeretas”. This is perfect for a walk in the evening with family. This beach is occupied by a colony of sea lions, among the vegetation and rocks there are hundreds of marine iguanas resting.

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